Q. Am I good/competent enough to be taking this course? I don’t want to look silly.
A. Every student has the very same thought going through their mind. Of course you are good enough. However, you should select a course within your skill set at first and then challenge yourself with a more advanced course.
Q. How long is the course?
A. Courses are usually 4-5 hours in length. However, if you still have ammo and want to shoot we will press on. It’s your course.
Q. What if I don’t own a gun, or any of the equipment I need for the course?
A. If you do not own a handgun, or wish to rent one, we have everything you'll need for any of our courses. Equipment rentals include: handguns, ammunition, magazines, magazine carriers, holsters, eye-protection, and ear-protection.
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Q. Besides the equipment listed in the course overview, what other things should I bring?
A. You should bring weather appropriate clothing. Eye protection/ear protection, ball cap and a chair for lecture portion of class and any snacks or drinks you may want.
Q. Will the training be conducted indoors or outdoors?
A. All training will be conducted outdoors. Although indoor training is good for marksmanship, it does not allow the shooter to practice realistic training such as drawing from the holster and movement.
Q. Are the courses physically demanding?
A. We move during all courses and are rarely static. Some of the more advanced courses involve shooting from various positions other than standing. Modifications of the course and or drill can be made for shooters while still achieving good tactics and solid hits on targets.

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